What interview response will fire you out in a job interview?

by Laliebeth Petancio

You are set for a job interview. You have researched well about the company and how you can contribute to their success.

You’ve updated your CV and have dry run yourself in front of the mirror answering common interview questions.

You are now up to your nerve fit-tailored for this stage in your career challenge, the interview.

Comes the day that you have to face the boss of the company and here’s your chance to prove you are worth accepting for the position you have applied for.

How do you see yourself in 5 years?

With confidence in your heart you utter,

”In five years, I see myself managing my own company”.

The prospect employer choked a moment and just replied, ”We will call you if we feel needing you”.


This happens to Arch. Rodel F. Ayala, who after many years of leaping from one country to another and from a technical staff to a project manager, he finds his work status is becoming boring.

”The challenges are there, time pressures and a lot other circumstances”, he exclaimed saying that even if he changes his company, he will land a similar position- as project manager.

Arch. Ayala resigned from his job in 2016, got rejected in an interview and in the same year fulfilled a mission for himself to become a managing partner of an international company, the ROHZ Group of Companies.







Re-engineered Centro de Manila: Shifts to becoming center of enthusiasm

by Kabayan Laliebeth

Abu Dhabi – From the concept of a moody-type ship embarked along shore in an afternoon breeze to a delighted modern cabin surrounded with joyful and youthful crews came to shine the Centro de Manila , not just a restaurant but a restaurant bar located in the ambitiously standing Tryp Hotel in Abu Dhabi.


Resident band with brand new set of entertainers & singers are chosen by its new management ensuring that customers will prolong their stay whilst wanting for more ear-soothing hits of the generation. When the group turn their feet to rock, bar comers will surely upbeat with the rhythm.

Forget not the food and drinks, Centro de Manila has got good chefs & kitchen crews trained to prepare variety of delicious bar food and present in a manner that your taste bud is tempted to grab a piece to eat to satisfaction.

With the restructuring and make-over of the place, it can accommodate catering for private and corporate parties which can be set up with full entertainment facilities just showcased at the corner, including the Filipino favorited Karaoke.

The establishment formally re-launched and opened just recently with a cutting of ribbon ceremony was led by Philippine Embassy’s Vice Consul Von Ryan Pangwi and hosted by hotel Manager and being witnessed by community leaders and guests.

featured 2.jpg

feature2.jpg“This [Centro de Manila] bar restaurant is not only for Filipinos but for all nationalities as well. What is unique here is that we have themed nights wherein we invite groups of the same careers during a particular day and offer a 15% discount on total bill”, said Michael – who manages the bar restaurant.

He noted that every Saturday & Wednesday will be Ladies night while Mondays will be for Industry-type Filipino overseas. Hoteliers have a particular night for them and the Kabayan Night where Karaoke challenge will be held every Tuesday.

Click here for the Opening event photos



More than 150 Pinoys finished short courses at FLO Learning program

by Laliebeth Petancio

Abu Dhabi – More than one-hundred fifty Filipinos of different careers and work fields have awarded certificates of completion at the Recognition Day for finishing short courses through the Learning Program of the Filipino Learning Organization (FLO) in partnership with MCT Orient LLC which event held last Friday, March 2 at Gloria Downtown Hotel in capital.


These Filipinos call themselves the ‘’learners’ are coming from Batch 9 to Batch 12 where classes had commenced September last year until January 2018. The courses include Project Management, Admin and Reception, Accounting and Tax, Document Controlling, HR basic and Advanced courses, Lean Thinking, Six Sigma, Marketing, Events Management, MS Offices and Excel, Computer System Services, Safety, HVAC, CCTV, Basic Electrical, Medical Coding, Caregiving, Customer Services, CISCO and IT Networking, Arabic and Nihonggo languages, Makeup, Photoshop, Illustrator, Photography, English Grammar and Business Writing, among others.

featured 3

The recognition event was graced by Philippine Embassy Vice Consul Atty. Anna Guerra, Bayanihan Council Chairman Jeffrey Uy,  Labor Attaches  Jay Jasper Javines and Jesus Vicente Magsaysay II and Welfare Officer Marites S. Ramos.

IMG_2649Keynote speaker Dr. Rommel Pilapil Sergio shared his truly inspiring story to the attendees giving them the highlights on how to become successful. Dr. Sergio is a multi-awarded business and HR professor based in Dubai.

IMG_2650.JPGAnother guest, Engr. Jolivette R. Cruz shared her success story of rising from the ranks and what it took her to become an HSE Manager in her company.

Some of the learners stood to share the influences of acquiring new knowledge and its impact to their careers.

In conjunction with the recognition was the announcement and presentation of the new set of officers of the organization for 2018-2019 which will be led by Mr. Valentin ‘’Allen’’ Samonte who received the responsibilities through the outgoing president Christian Cruz.


The event was smoothly planned and was successful with the contribution and efforts of the different committees comprising the learners & volunteers headed by Ms. Belle Ramos.




Games and lots of prizes at Family Fun Day this Friday in Abu Dhabi. It’s free to join

by Laliebeth Petancio

Abu Dhabi  -This coming Friday, March 9 the Filipino community in Abu Dhabi will flock at an annual Family Fun Day of the Bayanihan Council with more than sixty (60) organizations participating in the one-day event.

To be held outdoor at Khalidiyah Park in capital, this year’s celebration themed ‘’Filipino
Family: Unity in Diversity, Building One Stronger Community’’ is spearheaded by Society of Human Resource Professionals & Associates – SHRPA and in coordination with the Philippine Embassy Abu Dhabi.

‘’The objective of the Filipino Family Fun Day 2018 is to unite Filipino families and friends residing in Abu Dhabi and from Al Ain and Western region regardless of their affiliations through the conduct of different activities that promote camaraderie and sportsmanship, making one strong community in UAE’’, said event chairman Jay-mar Ismael.

Activities include Mini Costume Parade, Street Dancing, Zumba, various activities and fun games for the kids, parlor games/Pinoy games, booth decorating contest, raffle draws and a lot more of surprising games and prizes from sponsors.

Round-trip ticket to Philippines and other major prizes can be won by the participants at the venue.

The Bayanihan Council in Abu Dhabi and the Philippine Embassy invite Filipinos in the
Emirate to join, get united and have fun.





The Taste of Korean Cuisine in Abu Dhabi – you should discover

by Laliebeth Petancio

Abu Dhabi – This time, it is easier to find a Korean fine dining restaurant in Abu Dhabi because The Taste of Korean Cuisine situated at the Penthouse of the Eclipse Boutique Suites has re-opened its doors for Korean food lovers and curious diners in the Emirates.

Not only having a cozy ambiance and dainty get-up place, but the vicinity is fitting to those who like to bring group of friends or flock of family to bond and share a table of mouth-watering platters and interesting little aperitifs & accompaniments. What would your feet bring you to step again its doors is the grill experience and the assurance that meat are marinated to perfection before it touches the flames.


“The restaurant has its chef who mastered only Korean food for many years which his experiences were with various hotels”, exclaimed Stanley S. Gomez, General Manager at Eclipse Boutique Suites in Abu Dhabi.

“We can assure our customers of the affordability of the food compared to other extremely expensive Korean restaurants”, Mr. Stanley quoted also saying that aside from wise choice for moderately priced menu they have also offers and discounts on special days.


When asked about the composition of Filipinos in the restaurant, he was delighted to say that most of the crew is Filipino and the restaurant manager is a Filipina.


The Re-Opening and Cutting of Ribbon Ceremony


With the aim to boost its presence in the market, The Taste of Korean Cuisine management has successfully organized a re-launching by the cutting of Ribbon Ceremony held last Wednesday, February 28 hosted by GROMAXX Hotel Management Chairman Mohamad Abdul Saleem with the Director of Operation Mr. Jamil Khan and led by Philippine Embassy’s Vice Consul Rowena P. Daquipil.

Managers, directors and staff from other hotels under GROMAXX were also present at the event with guests from the Filipino community such as few leaders of the Bayanihan Council  Abu Dhabi.


After the formal ritual, Korean food was served to the guests and customers.











Wrong VAT returns, FTA implements fines.

by Laliebeth Petancio

The main reason for having the VAT Return Filing Workshop is for accountants, finance managers, auditors and other finance professionals  to have the deeper knowledge, skills and understanding of the accounting transactions and proper recording in books for Value Added Tax (VAT).

Other objectives pertain to familiarize with the VAT return and what are the requirements needed to accomplish it; reduce the risks of non-compliance and filing the wrong return and build confidence on the first VAT return.

Corresponding penalties will be implemented by the UAE’s FTA for wrong VAT return reports.

Course Outline

1. Mastery of the contents of the VAT return

1.1 Spotting and identifying the deemed supply
1.2 Mastery of the tax points the basic
1.3 More discussions on the reverse charge mechanism
1.4 Recording the accounting transactions
1.5 Invoicing and credit memo and its effect on the VAT returns
1.6 Bad debts
1.7 Rules on Discounts and methods of recording it
1.8 Import and export
1.9 Allowable input VAT
1.10 Non-claimable input VAT
1.11 Out-of- scope for VAT purposes
1.12 Group VAT – how it affects the VAT return

2. Workshop on the VAT Return:
2.1 Tax periods – know the four cycles
2.2 Defining the contents of the VAT returns
2.3 Requirements for the VAT return
2.4 Completing the VAT returns
2.5 The do’s and don’ts in the VAT returns

3. Case Studies
3.1 Analyzing transactions
3.2 Journalizing and Summarizing
3.3 Preparing VAT reconciliations
3.4 Filling-up the VAT returns




Technical seminar on transportation engineering, 3 softwares introduced

by Laliebeth Petancio

This is kind of a rare opportunity for civil engineers in the UAE to upgrade their expertise in transportation engineering being this field is not vast like the construction, bridges among other expertise.

The technical topic will be presented by Engr Alain Arostique – an experienced and specializes the field.

“The training aims to give Filipino civil engineers in the UAE the opportunity expound the knowledge and skills in transportation engineering due to the fact that very few who specializes transportation engineering”, said PICE UAE President Engr Vinzor Yee Concepcion.

The technical training includes 3 softwares that are currently being used in the UAE that helps in design for roads and network transportation.

Participants are requested to bring laptops for the installation.

27934772_10156180909846974_2071980508_n (1).jpg

Universal Hospital reinforces Kabayan Clinic, hires Filipino doctors

by Laliebeth Petancio

Abu Dhabi – Since its inauguration last year on March 3 led by the then Philippines’ Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs Perfecto Yasay Jr, the Kabayan Clinic dedicated to serve the health needs of Filipinos in UAE has grown to the extent of ”overwhelming” medical consultations.

”When we started the Kabayan Clinic, the response was tremendous”, exclaimed Dr. Shabeer Nellikode, managing director of Universal Hospital (UH) in an interview with this writer on Monday.

Dr Shabeer

‘’What is happening right now is that the need for medical services for Filipinos cannot only be focused in the main city, but a lot of Filipinos are (surprisingly) living in sub-cities needing the same services’’, Dr. Shabeer said adding that the Kabayan Clinic is expanding in Baniyas area in capital and in Al Ain.

With this expansion and the move to reinforce the clinic from 14-member team to 20 staff, UH management is hiring Filipino doctors and the recruitment is running in UAE at present. In few weeks, a team from UH including Dr. Shabeer will fly to the Philippines to launch the recruitment of doctors and nurses.

He has mentioned that this team has the job to exclusively get into the corporate social responsibility for kabayans in the medical aspect and make something different for the Filipino community.

Schedule of Interviews:

Abu Dhabi – February 24, 2018 and Dubai – February 25, 2018

For your healthcare needs, please contact Universal Hospital-Abu Dhabi

Tel: +971 2 599 9555  Toll free: 800 555 555
| Email: shad@universalhospitals.net
Website : http://www.universalhospitals.com |
P.O.Box 5056 Universal Towers, Airport Road, Abu Dhabi


U15 Stride players unbeaten in basketball league in Abu Dhabi

by Laliebeth Petancio

Abu Dhabi – Under 15 years old players of Stride Abu Dhabi made it to their championship dream and collected accolades from one U15 Abu Dhabi basketball league just recently in capital. Its contender Docendos rocked with them in a very close final game but Stride outscored them through the last quarter, 38-32.

The champion’s line up was composed of Nathan Lazatin, Ostin Vizcarra, Pio Evangelista, Fitz Ringor, Christian Dela Rosa, Lance De Torres, Manuel Colo, Kirk Agustin, Lance Castro, Winner Paras, Vaughn Bathan, Emman Reano and Paul Greganda coached by Nino Teorica in coordination with Manager Ronald Lazatin and Ace Maligsay.featured 5

Top performing players received mythical awards’ trophies like Nathan Lazatin for Best Forward & Best player of the conference and Winner Narciso for the Best Point Guard.

Season’s Most Valuable player (MVP) was Pio Evangelista and Finals MVP was awarded to Lance Castro.

With their parents at the awarding ceremonies, Stride players raised their championship trophy and medals. They look forward to joining other leagues for their level while they continue to enhance their skills on weekly bases in basketball clinics.









It’s grand welcoming engineers in Northern UAE, together for one big reason

by Laliebeth Petancio

This Friday, February 16 Filipino civil engineers and aspiring CEs in Dubai & Northern Emirates will have a great day together in various activities for a big mission to unite compatriots.

”The purpose of the event is to gather all civil engineers, to renew their memberships to the accredited professional organization, welcome new members and present the various undertakings of PICE for this year”, said PICE UAE President Engr. Vinzor Yee Conception.

”We will kick-off the day’s endeavour with a community service at the Philippine Consulate in Dubai to give away at least 100 traveling bags for our kabayans sheltered there”,  Engr Conception added.

He said that anyone from other sectors who are interested to join are welcome to attend. It is expected that the outcome will foster greater membership and help aspiring engineers fulfil their dreams to become licensed engineers through the Special Professional Licensure Exam conducted yearly by the Professionals Regulations Commission.

For more info, please read poster below