PSME Abu Dhabi technical seminar on Fire Systems Design and Engineering Best Practices

by Laliebeth Petancio

Abu Dhabi – The Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers (PSME Abu Dhabi Chapter) is holding various technical presentations relating the Fire Systems designs and Engineering best practices this coming Friday, July 7 at the Universal Hospital Conference Hall in capital.

The following topics and expertise will be given importance:

1 – ”Sprinklers and Standpipe Systems Engineering Best Practices”

2 – ”Water Spray System Design and Engineering Best Practices”

3 – Clean Agent Systems and Engineering Best Practices

For more details or for registration, please send an email to Engr Robert Peria at






Job available for male therapist

Abu Dhabi – A reputable Spa Center situated at the heart of the developed commercial properties in Mohamed Bin Zayed City Abu Dhabi is requiring two(2) candidates who are professional/certified massage therapists.

An applicant must be a Filipino male, age between 28-35 with relevant experience for 5 years and available to join the company by August this year.

Attractive package
6 working days/week (Friday OFF)
Free accommodation
Free transportation
Other terms and conditions apply.
If you have the above qualifications and availability, please send your CV to the following email address:

Write this code on the subject of your email: JOB5681

Spa - Massage Therapists.jpg

Understand the Importance of Advancement in Engineering Practice


by Laliebeth Petancio

Dubai, UAE – ”Proficiency & Ingenuity of Civil Engineers – Understanding the Importance of Advancement in Engineering Practice” is a banner for this year’s Annual gathering of more than 200 Filipino engineers in UAE and Philippines at the PICE-UAE Midyear General Assembly to be held at Metropolitan Hotel, Dubai this coming Friday, July 7.

The event will be loaded with technical presentations focusing on the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programs required by Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) for civil engineers, updates on the latest Philippines Regulation Commission guidelines, updates on Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE) National Headquarters programs, project management, Building Information Modelling (BIM), and ASEAN/APEC Engineering Registry.

The participants  are from leading companies engaged in the construction industry, oil & gas sector, utilities and process industries.

Delegates from the Philippines’ PICE National HQ and from the Philippine Embassy Philippine Consulate, among others will grace the initiative.

For registration or any questions, please contact

Engr. Browenn de Leon

2017 President, PICE-UAE

PICE Mission: To advance the welfare of our members and the development and prestige of civil engineering profession and to be a dynamic force in nation building.

Vision: The leader among professional organizations known globally for professionalism, integrity, excellence and social responsibility – a key player in nation building.





ATT 1. PICE-UAE MYA Program 2017- Draft_R7





Attention: Filipino nurses in UAE wishing to work in the US

by Laliebeth Petancio

If  US is not your dream country to work as nurse, that’s fine. You can opt not to continue reading.

But if you are a Filipino nurse working in UAE and still dream to practice your profession in the United States of America, here is your hope.

Next month, a number of US employers are coming in to accept applications for nurses to work in US and will offer to process Immigrant Visa Petition (EB-3 category) once shortlisted. Passers and non-passers of NCLEX-RN are welcome!

To better gain a wider picture of the opportunities, an orientation will be launched by Oregon International to be held tomorrow, 30th June 2017 at Marriot Hotel, Defense Road Abu Dhabi from 5pm-9pm.

This orientation will talk about USA nursing employment opportunities for Filipino nurses.

” I hope we can create awareness about the possibility of our Kabayan nurses to be employed in US and they can start processing their application while they are still working here in UAE”, said Ms Lauren Songco of Oregon.

She has clarified that once applicant is accepted for a job in US, employers will shoulder the US Green Card (EB-3 expenses) application and no fees shall be collected by the Oregon International.

For further details and registration, please contact Lauren via email or  whatsapp +971 50 239 9700.

Please visit the following links:




Information & Cyber Security tackled at PICPA’s gathering

by Laliebeth Petancio

Abu Dhabi – Dubbed “Connect Account with Care”, the technical seminar on Information & cyber security was given a highlight in relation with accounts and finance at the general assembly hosted by the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants – PICPA Abu Dhabi Chapter held at Gloria Downtown Hotel in capital on Friday, June 16.

Seasoned international speaker on this field, Ms. Irene Corpuz has said that information and cyber security is not just an IT responsibility but it is everyone’s responsibility, especially the accountants to safeguard the sensitive personal and corporate financial information.

“Any organization whether small or big, may it be in any industry (oil & gas, banking, education, hospitals, etc), there’s always an accountant who handles the financials. Financial gain is one the motivations of hackers”, Ms. Corpuz stressed.

Her presentation tackled how online accounts such as emails, bank details & social media can be vulnerable to being hacked. She has shared tips and reminders to be able to protect oneself, finances or any organization’s crown jewels and other sensitive information.

The technical seminar was in conjunction with PICPA’s General Assembly was concluded with an open forum.

The second half of the day’s event was an Election of Officers for 2017-2018.


TFAO reveals beneficiary-scholars

by Laliebeth Petancio

Abu Dhabi – The Filipino Achievers Organization (TFAO UAE) has awarded at least 20 beneficiaries of scholarship grants as  proceeds of the recently concluded 1st TFAO UAE Basketball Cup held at Emirates Heritage School in capital.

The list include the following names through their team that participated in the 2-month tournament and recipient-kids for Kids scholarships through a player of a participating team.

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Team Scholarships
• Bachelor Stags – Mr. Juanito H. Ingal Jr.
• Masters –  Mr. Henrick Llorico Padilla
• Etivac – Mr. Jimelle Openaria
• Killer Cats – Mr. Jeric Ubaldo
• SDA – Mr. Gerard Villamayor
• Etihad –  Mr. Mariel Alcantara
• Dabarkads – Mr. Jexileon Dupitas Jimenez
• ADCF – Mr. Christopher Cruz
• QC Angels – Mr. Ricardo Rivera
• Travel One – Mr. Darwin Villanueva
• Hermanos – Mr. Julio Mapa Vargas
• Ultimate Silver Bucket – Mr. Rigo Serquillos
• Hornets – Mr. Marlon Caseres
• The Resto Pinoy – Kim Mercado
• Mowen
• Chix Hunter
• Coaches and Managers Choice – Mr. Albert Abraham
Kids Scholarships (father)
• SDA – Mr. Danreb Villanueva
• Travel One – Mr. Ernie Peralta
• Masters – Mr. Joedan Flores‎
At the awarding ceremony, sponsors and benefactors were recognized and were given certificates of appreciation by TFAO founding chairman Ms. Deborah Dayrit.

PICPA Abu Dhabi to host technical seminar “Connect Account with Care”

by Laliebeth Petancio

Abu Dhabi – The Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA Abu Dhabi) will host a technical seminar relating to information and cyber security in relation with accounts and finance dubbed ” Connect Account with Care” this coming Friday, 16th June 2017 at Gloria Downtown Hotel in capital.

It will be delivered by a seasoned speaker on this field, Ms. Irene Corpuz.

Irene Corpuz

“Information Security is not just the responsibility of IT. Just like quality, Security is everyone’s responsibility”, Ms Corpuz quoted.

“Any organization whether small or big, may it be in any industry (oil & gas, banking, education, hospitals, etc), there’s always an accountant who handles the financials. One of the motivations of the hackers is financial gain”, she stressed.

” The presentation for the PICPA will share some valuable information on their responsibilities not only as accountant, but keeps of their organization’s crown jewels”, she added.

The technical seminar is in conjunction with PICPA’s General Assembly and Election of Officers.

For details and contact, please see posters below.

GA teaser



Are you looking for a great place to hang out in Abu Dhabi?

by Laliebeth Petancio

Before revealing this place to you, give me a little time to share what I have discovered last night while waiting for my Iftar plate got served on my table.

Lift ascends to 3rd floor and when it opens, hey there you are at the mouth of an Asian Cuisine restaurant!

But wait! Comers don’t go straight to the counter either to order food or book a hall for their event. They turn angles 90 degrees to either left or right with big smiles and delight. They just give a quick wave of their hands at the lady on the side and rush to grab a pool stick!


Photo grabbed from Juancho’s FB page

This is just quick!

I had a chance to make a full 360-degrees round this floor with Marivic. To my surprise, friends and friends of friends and new friends were in flock at the corner of pool tables battling against the challenge with billiard balls.

Completing my turns, it seems to be that 70 percent of the newly renovated-designed place is intended for billiard. It is therefore spacious for this purpose.

Okey, my billiard enthusiast friends will be happy and gay!


So, what’s for a music lover like me and a food lover like you?

My dear, don’t you worry! Food is of your great choice – Asian dedicated & inspired cuisine like that of a 5-star hotel at lower cost you can be proud of and enjoy.

I swear, your foreigner friends will be proud too and take a thumbs up for you.

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Before I forget the music lovers, they have the function hall on one side that has what it needs for singers out there!

All of these recreation facilities, billiard halls, party hall, food and entertainment are in ONE at JUANCHO’S Billiard Hall and Asian Cuisine.

Launching and official opening of business will be held today, 15th June 2017 at 6pm with great offers!

Visit and like their FB page  or call 052 647 8589.



Phil Nurses team outscored PICE, 90-87 at the CBL’s 1st Professional Cup

by Laliebeth P Petancio

Abu Dhabi – The unpredictable nurses’ team were behind by 9 points against the energetic engineers 23-14 which further rose to 17 points underdog at the end of Q2 but have cut the opponent’s lead down to 6 points in Q3,  65-59.

The engineers team PICE were of great surprise at the last quarter of the CBL’s 1st Professional Cup held this week at the International School in capital for not having defended its seem-like-unbeatable standing until few minutes before end of the last quarter.


Beta Rosal showed big heart as he led his team in the 4th quarter run which held PICE scoreless in the last 3 minutes of the ballgame.

Nestor Ortillano of Phil Nurses led all scorers with 42 points while Justin Amparo III paced PICE with 31 big points.

The Philippine Nurses team made it to outscore its contender by 3 points difference, 90-87 and won the game.

Quarter Scores: 14-23; 30-47; 59-65; 90-87

In other game, NOSOCOMIALS (Team of Medics) beat AUH Engineers in a one sided battle.

Franelle De Luna top scored the team scoring 42 big points. Mariel Alcantara and Monsky Calunod led AUH Engineers as they score 10 points a piece.

Quarter Scores: 33-8; 55-25; 77-53;102-73

” Our objective in making this brand new idea of basketball tournament is to be able to give our white-collar OFWs a chance to showcase their talent/skills in basketball while representing their professions;, said coach Jim Oliva.