Sending kids to basketball clinic equates to investing for life’s success- STRIDE parents quoted

by Laliebeth Petancio

It is amazing to witness overseas Filipino parents, no matter how tight their daily schedules and workloads are they still managed to fetch and send their kids to the net-cornered basketball court in Marina Mall for a sports clinic they believe an avenue for their kids success.


Reasons may be obvious for those who finds that sports is an important aspect in one’s life to grow with and become a well-balance individual.

While kids have a lot to explore and have a wider range of opportunities to experience, it is just right to give them these chances at early stage.

With these beliefs and visions,  some parents and basketball coaches unite to build STRIDE Abu Dhabi – a basketball clinic for kids. It was realized last year and saw a growing demands for little boys to practice and improve not only skills in the sports but personality development and better healthy lifestyle.

”We formed a clinic and named it Stride Abu Dhabi for kids to enhance their skills and techniques  in basketball. We have integrated in our sessions with the value of sportsmanship, appreciation , teamwork, respect, intensity, discipline and effort”, said coach Nino Teorica – one of the coordinators  of Stride.2For Ace, he said  ”As parent, I’ve noticed that my son has improved a lot since he joined the clinic. Not only his playing skills but in terms of discipline, self-confidence, leadership skills and he become more aware of healthy lifestyle”.

It is incredibly true that playing sports such as basketball helps children become successful because of leadership and teamwork. As a member of a team, they are forced to work with other kids and gives them the opportunity to become a leader and good leadership is a very valuable characteristic in life.

If a child develops good teamwork and leadership skills early on in life, he/she will be better off later in his/her life when it matters most. If they are active and in good shape, they are more likely to continue this.

For registration and more info, please contact coach Nino 056 555 6784 or email







The taste of Philippines, enjoyed best at Lulu

Pinoy Fiesta at Lulu Hypermarkets

by Laliebeth Petancio

Abu Dhabi -Starting today, September 6 until the 12th Lulu Hypermarkets will showcase Philippine products in the Pinoy Fiesta Festival celebrated with live cooking, contests, delightful offers and surprising prizes.

An opening ceremony will be held at their branch in Al Wahda Mall at 6pm today organized by Lulu Group International, in cooperation with the Philippine Embassy and OPMMAD.

Philippine Ambassador to the UAE Constancio R. Vingno Jr will lead the cutting of ribbon; followed by an entertainment program to be held at the Atrium of the Al Wahda Mall.

Enjoy the food festivities, grab great offers and be one of the lucky winners of 25 tickets to Manila for every purchase of Filipino imported products worth AED 25.

Enjoy shopping, buy Pinoy proudly Pinoy!




Filipino Learning Organization is turning 1 year

Over 3,000 OFs have enrolled short courses with FLO within a year

by Laliebeth Petancio

Abu Dhabi – Since it was founded in August last year by few determined Filipino professionals whose vision is to empower and uplift careers & welfare of Filipinos through providing training & short courses, the Filipino Learning Organization (FLO) is proud to reckon its more than 3,000 graduates of different short courses, which latest batch will receive their certificates of completion this coming Friday, September 1 in conjunction with the 1st Anniversary celebration.

” We are happy that after a year, FLO has been able to stay true to its main objective of upgrading and enhancing our fellow OFWs’ knowledge and skills through continuous training. A lot of them came back to FLO with a testimony on how the organization  have helped them, changed their careers and found them new opportunities”, expressed Christian Cruz, FLO President.

Christian also shared a story of a graduate in Graphic Design course who became successful in the online business and credited the triumph to the opportunities given to him by FLO.


“This kind of story, and other similar testimonies encourages us to work harder and  make the FLO advocacy & program be more successful. There are bumps along the way, but our firm commitment to the organization’s vision and mission will ensure a continuous effort for the benefit of our compatriots and the Filipino community”, he said in an interview.

The 1st Anniversary celebration’ theme “Head Turner” came with the idea that because of the knowledge and skills gained from training or courses they have become confident in terms of competency and in turn noticeable to the eyes and attention of employers.



” Celebrating our first anniversary is a milestone and a reminder for FLO members to continue our spirit of volunteerism and altruism for the Filipino community”, he added.

For further details and information about FLO, please click “Call Now” button on The Filipino Learning Organization or email





Filipino Dance club ADFDC turns 20 years, showcases talents at Gala Night

by Laliebeth Petancio

Abu Dhabi – The Abu Dhabi Filipino Dance Club or ADFDC is head up to celebrate its Grandiose 20th Anniversary this Friday, August 25 at Hilton Abu Dhabi in conjunction with the graduation ceremonies for Batch 41 for basic and advance dance classes.

The night’s affair will showcase dancing talents by the top performing students in dance classes in the rendition of chachacha, swing, and boogie. The advanced class will present Bachata while ADFDC officers  will show off their skills on red carpet with SALSA dance in the tune of Despacito.

Aside from recognizing the top 3 students who bagged titles at the Evaluation Night held last July 14, all the 25 students for both basic and advanced classes  will receive their certificates of completion.

” In this event, we will also recognize all the past Presidents who will be present at the Gala Night. They are expected to show up in their dancing exhibitions”, Ms. Editha Bautista -ADFDC Adviser said.

Under the leadership of Mr. Ireneo D. Ara (ADFDC President), the gathering is expected to flourish with entertainment, talents and competition with performances from Abu Dhabi dancers and invited performers from Dubai.

“Lady of the Night” and  “Man of the Night” will add excitement for the guests and members.

Philippine Ambassador to the UAE Constancio R. Vingno Jr will grace the event with wife Madame Yoko Ramos and Philippine Embassy’ Vice Consul Rowena P. Daquipil, VC Anna Marie Guerra, VC Von Ryan Pangwi, Labor Attache Atty Ophelia N. Almenario, Assist Labor Attache Jay Jasper Javines, Welfare Officer Ron Lionel M. Bartolome, Welfare Officer Ms. Maritess Ramos, Bayanihan Council Chairman Jeffrey P. Uy and Execom members.20thAnniversary_program_printing (2)-page-001 (1)


OFWGME, OHSEC & TFAO join force to give free Safety trainings

by Laliebeth Petancio

Abu Dhabi – An endeavour to promote awareness about safety at workplaces and learn the necessary skills related to safety, the OFW Global Movement for Empowerment (OFWGME) Abu Dhabi Chapter and The Filipino Achievers Organizations (TFAO) in partnership with OHSEC hold a monthly training on Basic First Aid, CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) and Fire Safety.

The training is given for free to overseas Filipinos residing in UAE of which there are already more than a hundred attendees who have benefitted the program.


”For the 2 months since we’ve started, we already have a total of 102 individuals who completed the free trainings”, said Ms Sheryl Abella Palacios- Chairman, OFWGME Abu Dhabi Chapter.

”It is our great desire to reach out to fellow kababayans who don’t have the means to access these kind of trainings. We are targeting OFWs in the Domestic Sector, Security Guards, Sales and those that are in the lower stratum of Overseas Filipino community here in Abu Dhabi”, she added.


The recently held trainings were conducted by Engr. Labueno Bautista Casas for the Basic First Aid and CPR session with the assistance of Mr. Christian Martin while Engr. Aries Claudio was tasked to share knowledge about Fire Safety.

‘’We are giving this kind of free training for deserving OFWs here in UAE to empower and create awareness in terms of Occupational Health and Safety by providing fundamental skills on first aid such as applicable in event of cardiac arrest, and providing essential skills on fire emergencies’’, expressed Engr. Gretchen Caisip Lampa – Managing Partner at OHSEC-GCD INTERNATIONAL.


For pre-registration and queries about the training, please send an email to

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Filipino bowlers ramp-in the tutti-fruity themed bowling tournament

by Laliebeth Petancio

Abu Dhabi – Filipino bowlers-members of the Abu Dhabi Dabarkads flocked at the Khalifa International Bowling Center, Zayed Sports City on Friday, August 11 to present their colourful ‘’Tutti fruity’’ inspired team uniforms for the 17th Season Bowling League.


Nineteen teams jam-packed the venue vying for Best Team uniform and other awards to star-stun for the season’s bowling tournament.

Teams were Pin-Apple, Swiss Apple Grapes, Pakwan, Strabowlry, AlaskaDurian, Sparkling Grapes, Dragon Fruit, Melon ‘’X’ n Ice Cream, Pearfect, Passion Bowl, Appbowl Smasher, Chinqua-pin, Gurangbutan 1, Gurangbutan II, Star Apple Strikers, Cute Cumber, Pinya, Berry Blasts, Bowl-berries, and Pacer which uniforms were judged according to innovativeness & creative design; eye appeal, color and lay-out; inclusion of bowling arts and graphics; presence of team members; uniqueness of team banner design and team’s extra effort on props.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Team Dragon Fruit won the season’s Best in Team uniform while Cutecumbers followed the rank as 1 st runner up. Strawbowlry team grabbed the 2 nd -runner up awards while Pinya, Gurangbutan and Pin-apple followed in the ranking in respective order.

Abu Dhabi Dabarkads organizers, sponsors and judges at the 17th Bowling tournament team uniform presentation

Abu Dhabi Dabarkads organizers,  sponsors, guests and judges of the Team Uniform competition

Ms Mac and Mary Ann (Kabayan Saloon), Ms. Regie Regies (Ayala Land) and Mr. Philip Esteves (Gloria Downtown Hotel) were the judges of the competition who also gave their support and awards to the winners.

Battles for Week 5 in the series of ball games flourished the day’s activities.


SHRPA to award exemplary HR Professionals in UAE

HR summit

by Kabayan Laliebeth Petancio

Abu Dhabi-  This Friday, August 18 the Society of Human Resource Professionals and Associates – SHRPA will stage one of the most prestigious search for exemplary HR professionals in UAE at the 1st Anniversary in conjunction with HR Summit to be held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Abu Dhabi.

Five Filipinos will star-stun the event who will receive recognition and share their achievements and inspirations to the delegates.

HR professionals awardee

The HR Summit- the first & one of a kind event hosted by SHRPA this year hopes to bring the Learning Journeys endeavoured by the group through its Executive Committee to a higher ladder in a more substantial and significant affair.

Keynote speakers are famous, well-known and subject matter experts in their fields in the local and international arena with VIP Guest the Philippine Ambassador to the UAE Constancio R. Vingno Jr.


The HR Summit is committed to enabling its members to build relationships and learn from the experiences of Subject Matter Experts  providing timely relevant discussions. Meeting these objectives will enable participants to enhance their careers in the HR field as well as improve performance of their organizations by applying what they have learned.

For registration and questions, please contact Jaymar Ismael at 056 404 1517 or email




Attention: Filipino Electronics engineers and technicians in UAE – Earn CPD points, join technical seminars

by Laliebeth Petancio

Abu Dhabi – The Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines (IECEP UAE) is urging Filipino professionals who are PECE, ECE, ECT or associate and non-members residing in UAE to attend the technical seminar intended to earn eight (8) Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points  required for renewal of licenses with the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) in the Philippines.flyer

In-house resource speakers like Engr. Jef Barra and Eng Ralph Lontoc are tasked to present technical topics on Introduction to Satellite Broadcasting and Fundamentals of VoIP Networks and Signaling, respectively.

Seminar will be held this coming Friday, July 21 at ADVETI Auditorium in Abu Dhabi near Al Maqta Bridge from 8am to 5pm.

For more information or registration, please contact Secretary General Engr, Leo at 056 708 1348 or email or send query to this writer

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GK2017 candidates in Creative Wear

by Laliebeth Petancio

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Dubai –  The fifteen candidates of the Ginoong Kabayan 2017  launched exclusively by Upline Media are expected to ramp in their chosen creative outfit this coming Saturday, July 22 at Star Metro Hotels in Dubai.

This is part of the Judging criteria for this pageant where candidates are judged according to creativity, bearing of attire, stage presence and audience impact.

What’s exciting in the segment is the unique, stylish or classy or futuristic imagination of their designers and how contestants are able to bring out the best in their get up. Of course, a little part from the spectators and fans will contribute to position them by an audience impact points.

Also launched at the affair is the selection of the best in Swim Wear trunks. How it will be judged is based on their projection and physical factors such as face and figure; poise, posture and carriage, proper fit and the overall presentation.

Watch the candidates as they glamourize, stun, add style and sophistication to their natural self on stage.

Ginoong Kabayan 2017 Season 2 is an endeavour of Upline Media Management affiliated with Mister Philippines bringing candidates to a higher level.

For more information, please contact Ms Jinky at 056 9488010 or email

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OFW Kaibigan officers to take oath of office

by Laliebeth Petancio

poster 1Abu Dhabi – The newly elected officers of a socio-community organization OFW Kaibigan are all set for an induction program on July 28, 2017 from 6pm onwards to be held at Murjan Asfar Hotel in capital. New members of the group will also take their oath of responsibilities.

Theme of the event ”Ikaw at Ako at Pilipino at Nagkakaisang OFW tungo sa Pagbabago”

Philippine Ambassador to the UAE Constancio R. Vingno Jr will grace the program and will share his message of inspiration.

Other guests will be Vice COnsul Rowena P. Daquipil among other staff from Philippine Embassy Abu Dhabi.

For questions, please email with subject Event5681 or send a private message or call  Kabayan Laliebeth.