Shades of Pink – society of Filipino cancer survivors and supporters will be launched in capital

by Laliebeth Petancio

Abu Dhabi – The Shades of Pink Society, an organization formed by Filipinos who have went through the fights and victories against cancer and also having members dedicated to support the society will be launched with Gala Night this coming Friday, April 27 at Le Meridien Hotel in capital.


A piece of its mission is to raise awareness of the risks of contracting different forms of cancer among Filipino women with the assistance of members who are doctors, nurses and other medical professionals.

Aside from providing cancer patients with moral support, spiritual guidance and uplift their will to aim for survival, the group will help instill the minds of cancer patients that the disease is curable.

Mrs. Gie Drew, an advocate for the cause, founded the organization even before her recent diagnosis of breast cancer.


Mrs Gie Drew

‘’Gusto kong maging aware ang marami that with early detection of cancer it can be prevented and can be cured before it can get worst on someone’’, Mrs Drew said.


‘’Yung may mga cancer na they don’t need to be alone. It is a great help for a cancer patient to have someone they can share with the same experiences’’, she relates her own sentiments and story being one.

At the Gala Night, inspirational messages will be shared by NMC General Manager Major Tom Louis and Consultant Surgical Oncology Dr. Balaji Balasubramanian.

The program will also highlight talks and speeches from invited cancer survivors, like Ms. Elisa Tubil diagnosed of breast cancer among others.

The group has already conducted series of community services such as feeding activity for the distressed overseas Filipinos sheltered at the Philippine Embassy and a monthly medical mission incorporated with Zumba in cooperation with the League of Healthcare Professionals in Abu Dhabi.



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