Pinoy amateur singers belt out at Al Breem Videoke challenge

by Laliebeth Petancio

Abu Dhabi  – A series of four eliminations Videoke Challenge has opened opportunities for Pinoy singers in capital to show-off their vocal prowess in a simple competition hosted by Al Breem Restaurant in Al Nakheel Hotel Apartments Abu Dhabi.

‘’We came with the idea of inviting karaoke enthusiasts especially Filipinos into a challenge to have fun on a Thursday night, not only to give them recognition and prizes but be entertained and be stressed relieved from the pressures of work’’, said host Odessa Bonifacio.

The contest has started in March 8 as the first elimination with 5 contenders in a row followed the second elimination last March 22 held at the restaurant.


Patrick & Odessa


Mr. Patrick Stephen Diego and Mr. Gary Maigue were the challengers / winners of the eliminations, respectively and both are waiting for the final round to happen on May 3.

‘’I am impressed by how Filipinos sing and bring entertainment, from here we came the idea of organizing a Videoke challenge as an avenue for them to express their talents and foster friendship’’, expressed Al Nahkheel hotel general manager Mr. Ghassan Nehme who led the awarding to the participants and winners after the contest.

The 3rd and 4th eliminations will be held on April 5 & 19, respectively in the same venue.

feature 1

Contestants at the 2nd Elimination with judge Mr. Philip Esteves Jr. (2nd from left), contest host Odessa Bonifacio (leftmost), hotel staff and Al Nakheel Hotel Apartments General Manager (middle) Mr. Ghassan Nehme.


Please visit:   Al Nakheel Hotel Apartments | Muroor Road | P.O. Box 30831 | Abu Dhabi, UAE

Telephone: +9712 304 4555 Ext. 505|Fax: +971 2 443 7333| TRN: 100329545600003 |


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