Attention: Filipino nurses in UAE wishing to work in the US

by Laliebeth Petancio

If  US is not your dream country to work as nurse, that’s fine. You can opt not to continue reading.

But if you are a Filipino nurse working in UAE and still dream to practice your profession in the United States of America, here is your hope.

Next month, a number of US employers are coming in to accept applications for nurses to work in US and will offer to process Immigrant Visa Petition (EB-3 category) once shortlisted. Passers and non-passers of NCLEX-RN are welcome!

To better gain a wider picture of the opportunities, an orientation will be launched by Oregon International to be held tomorrow, 30th June 2017 at Marriot Hotel, Defense Road Abu Dhabi from 5pm-9pm.

This orientation will talk about USA nursing employment opportunities for Filipino nurses.

” I hope we can create awareness about the possibility of our Kabayan nurses to be employed in US and they can start processing their application while they are still working here in UAE”, said Ms Lauren Songco of Oregon.

She has clarified that once applicant is accepted for a job in US, employers will shoulder the US Green Card (EB-3 expenses) application and no fees shall be collected by the Oregon International.

For further details and registration, please contact Lauren via email or  whatsapp +971 50 239 9700.

Please visit the following links:





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